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As it seeks to take advantage of networking among national universities، the Sudanese Research and Education Networkorganizeda training course for integrated library management system in the period from 21th to 22th September 2014،the integration was honored by prof. Saad Eldeen abdalbagi deputy director of University of Nilen، Dr. Abd albagi yunis the dean of Libraries University of Nilen and Dr. Khalid Abu Sin the dean of Libraries University of Sudan.The aim of this training course to train librarians and engineers on the use of open source software (DSpace).

University of Nilen hosted this training course which was attended by 30 members from various members universities as a first group، and later the rest of other employees universities will be trained as a second group. Each of Mr. Abd alrazig Mahmoud Ibrahim from university of Nilen and Eng Yassir Hassan from Sudanese Research and education networkprovided the content of this course.

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