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SudREN uses mailing lists to facilitate the communication internally within the staff and externally with the different stakeholders.
SudREN mailing lists are:

Mailing list(

Members Description



SudREN Board of Directors

Closed Group


SudREN Advisory Committee

Closed Group


Member Institutions Computer Center Staff

Registration via My SudREN


Sudanese Academic Library Consortium

Closed Group


SudREN Staff

Closed Group



Open to all University Staff


*At-large Mailing list

In order to facilitate the process of communication between universities, research centers and all research and educational institutions, the Sudanese Research and Education network  is pleased to announce that the (at-large) mailing list has been created, to be as one gate of communication between these different communities.

This mailing list includes various members of these institutions of professors, lecturers, engineers, college deans, directors of computer centers, universities's managers ... etc.

The Registration on this mailing list is open to all, But the e-mail should be under domain. and is subjected to review and approval by SudREN.

To subscribe on the  mailing list click the link below:

                                                                          At-large Mailing List

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